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Saturday, December 14, 2013




Each of these post will focus on a particular artist or subject theme that we feel warrants being in the spotlight. We have a lot of great art on the website and so to act as a guide we've developed this feature. If you click on the artist name the links given will take you to the artist's main page where you can view all the original art that we have for sale. Clicking the name under the sample pieces will take you to that particular page on the site. We hope that you'll enjoy exploring our website this way and that you'll find exciting new discoveries as well as old favourites. Without further ado we present:


Severino Baraldi - The Eternal City

Baraldi excelled at all manner of historical subject matter, but Ancient Rome was one period that his expertise was called on repeatedly to depict.
Theodoric enters Rome. In the year AD500, Theodoric made a triumphant entry into Rome. Under his leadership the city regained much of its former glory.

The insets show Romans interesting themselves in learning, and two coins produced during the period when Odoscer was in power.

Original artwork for illustration on p16-17 of Look and Learn issue no 1012 (1 August 1981).

 Clash of Giants: Hannibal Meets His Match. General Scipio finds a way into the seemingly impregnable stronghold of Carthage Nova in Spain. This is the original artwork from Look and Learn no. 927 (27 October 1979).
Severino Baraldi was born on 10 December 1930 in Sermide, a small village 50 kilometres from Mantova in the Lombardy region of northern Italy. As a boy, he entertained customers of the local barber by with his chalk drawings on the pavement. He worked as a carpenter, drawing cartoons for a local paper whose editor encouraged him to seek his fortune in the capital of the Lombardy region.

1962-63 was a major era for Baraldi with the publication of Ulisse ['Ulysses'], adapted from 'The Odyssey' by Gino Fischer, Lo Schianccianoci, based on the work by E. T. A. Hoffman, and Ciuffo Biondo, an adaptation of Peer Gynt by Anna Maria De Benedetti. Ulisse and Ciuffo Biono were praised by the reviewer for Radiotelevisione Italiana for their elegant illustrations, which helped to establish the name of the artist who often signed his work with the abbreviation Bar. At the same time, Baraldi was illustrating the story of Marco Polo and, for Milan publisher Casa Editirice, a variety of other books for children.

For seven years, Baraldi was also a prolific illustrator for the British magazine Look and Learn. More recently, Baraldi illustrated biographies of musicians Dvorak and Verdi for a publisher in Taiwan. In all, Baraldi has contributed to over 220 books and produced 7,500 illustrations. The village of Sermide dedicated an exhibition to his work in June 1997. He continued to work for Famiglia Cristiana and Il Giornalino until retiring a few years ago.

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