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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don Forrest

Donald A. Forrest is a wildlife artist noted for his illustration of birds. One of his most notable books is The Birdwatcher's Key which is an illustrated guide to 382 different species to be found in the British Isles and North-Western Europe.

Forrest's career may date back to at least as early as 1949 and the publication of a children's book entitled Binkie Beacon and His Friends.

Illustrated Books
Animals of Southern Asia by Michael Tweedie. Feltham, Hamlyn, 1970.
What Comes Out of an Egg? by Patricia Gray. London, F. Watts, 1973.
Creatures That Help Each Other by Patricia Gray. London, F. Watts, 1975.
The Birdwatcher's Key. A guide to identification in the field by Bob Scott. London, Frederick Warne, 1976.
Creatures That Look Alike by Patricia Gray. London, F. Watts, 1977.

Artwork by Don Forrest can be found for sale here.


  1. Did Don Forrest do foil etchings (engravings) of birds in mid to late 70's?

  2. Quite possibly, although it's not something I've heard that he did... however, the sparcity of information about Forest is reflected in the shortness of his entry here.

  3. Thanks for responding. It is a very beautiful etching of quail in wonderful color. Signature seems to match Mr. Forest's, so I really think it is his. I'll try to check further into it. If I find out anything, I'll come back and let you know... jd

  4. I also have a foil etching with Don Forrest signature. Mine is two ducks standing on a bank, a little water and grass.

  5. does anyone have a website for his art?