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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ken J Wood

Kenneth J. Wood was a popular nature artist who was especially know for his detailed paintings of birds.

Little seems to have been published about Wood. He was a keen falconer and member of the British Falconers' Club and is remembered fondly by many in those circles. At some point in his career he lived in a caravan near Findon, West Sussex. He was the Hon Secretary of the Society of Wildlife Artists from 1983 until the 1990s. He died suddenly whilst still young: taken ill whilst hawking, he was diagnosed with cancer.

Examples of original art by Kenneth J. Wood can be found at the Illustration Art Gallery.


  1. He was a fine, kind and generous man, who lived for many years on the outskirts of Redhill in Surrey with his family before his death. He kept many bird of prey over the years and specialised in painting these impressive animals over the years. His work was also often seen on gift and Christmas cards sold in aid of the RSPB.

  2. I endorse the sentiments about Ken. I met him when I rewired his house in Redhill and he gave me 3 framed prints as a "thank you". I recall having to go into his cellar to carry out some wiring and was met by dead birds hanging up that friends and neighbours had given him as he painted from real birds. A very nice man and family.

  3. By chance I found three of his paintings by a recycling bin a few months back.. I gave one away and kept a framed juvenile duck and one of a sparrow. They are beautiful, the sparrow's frame was broken so I only have the drawing which at the back has a unfinished but stunning robin...If anyone is interested, let me know.