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Monday, September 23, 2013




Each of these post will focus on a particular artist or subject theme that we feel warrants being in the spotlight. We have a lot of great art on the website and so to act as a guide we've developed this feature. If you click on the artist name the links given will take you to the artist's main page where you can view all the original art that we have for sale.  Clicking the name under the sample pieces will take you to that particular page on the site. We hope that you'll enjoy exploring our website this way and that you'll find exciting new discoveries as well as old favourites. Without further ado we present:


Ron Embleton - A Window Through History

Oliver Cromwell dismisses the Rump Parliament in 1653. Original artwork first published in Look and Learn # 395, 9th August 1969. This piece shows Ron Embleton's strong use of colour and group composition.
Forty Minute Victory That Changed a War. "See those fellows on the hill?" Wellington said, indicating Napoleon's army at Salamanca. "Attack them directly and drive them to the devil!".
Original artwork from Look and Learn no. 72 (1 June 1963). This piece shows Embleton's use of subtle tones and conveys the drama of the moment.


Ron(ald Sydney) Embleton was born in London on 6 October 1930, Embleton began drawing as a young boy, submitting a cartoon to the News of the World at the age of 9 and, at 12, winning a national poster competition. At 17 he earned himself a place in a commercial studio but soon left to work freelance, drawing comic strips for many of the small publishers who sprang up shortly after the war.

He was soon drawing for the major publishers. His most fondly remembered strips include Strongbow the Mighty inMickey Mouse Weekly, Wulf the Briton in Express Weekly, Wrath of the Gods in Boys’ World, Tales of the Trigan Empire and Johnny Frog in Eagle and Stingray in TV Century 21.

Embleton also provided the illustrations that appeared in the title credits for the Captain Scarlet TV series, and dozens of paintings for prints and newspaper strips. A meticulous artist, his illustrations appeared in Look and Learn for many years, amongst them the historical series Roger’s Rangers. Embleton died on 13 February 1988 at the age of 57.

Books Featuring Ron Emblton Artwork

Wulf the Briton

Art of the Trigan Empire



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