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Monday, June 21, 2010

Latest Art: Mid-June 2010

Another 90 new art works added to the Gallery from 28 artists (9 artists NEW to the Gallery)

Sergio Asteriticharming original Children's illustrations painted for Jack and Jill Book NEW
Michael Atkinsonoriginal paintings for the cover of the girls comic Princess Picture Library NEW
Bill Bakercharming original full page watercolours depicting scenes of Girls in a School Play NEW
Jesus Blascodelightful watercolour entitled Can the Three Bears Help? plus two other fairy tales
Milt Caniffstunning limited edition Portfolio of Terry and the Pirates prints
Josep Marti I CapellOriginal Roy of the Rovers art used in Tiger comic in January 1964
Mike Collins
glorious original pen and ink Doctor Who episodes, featuring Christopher Eccleston (inks are by David Roach) NEW
Joe Colquhounoriginal pages of art for the popular strip Roy of the Rovers as published in Tiger & Hurricane comics
Graham Cotonevocative paintings depicting Dreadnought Attack, Graham Hill Racing and the mysterious Flying Dutchman
Reginald B Davisbeautiful painting of the Common Jay bird
Roland Davis
original watercolour featuring Girls on Horseback painted for Pixie Annual NEW
Cecil Doughtydramatic painting of the Search for Nazi Gold on the lake bed
Gerry Embletontwo gouaches showing the Hard Work Harvest and Miner Meets a Troll
Ron Embletonsome delightful fairy tale paintings including Swans, Mother Gets Better and Mouse Nap
Fred Holmesrare full page pen and ink of Roy of the Rovers drawn for Tiger in 1962 NEW
Andrew Howatstriking depiction of Eskimos with their dog sledge gazing at the Northern Lights
Mike Hubbarddramatic painting entitled The Writing on the Dirk
Peter Jacksonstirring paintings capturing scenes from history Bonnie Prince Charlie Escapes in Disguise, Alexander with his Army on the March and Soldiers Climbing the Heights of Abraham
Peter Kayoriginal covers for Schoolgirls' Picture Library and June
Milo Manarasaucy limited edition prints from his Indian Summer graphic novel with Hugo Pratt plus other new prints
James McConnellcolourful paintings of the ships Drake's The Golden Hind, Columbus' The Santa Maria, Captain Cook's Resolution and also The Red Fort in Delhi
Jose Ortizoriginal illustrations for Queen of Hearts children's story
Colin Page
original colour paintings for Roy of the Rovers used in Tiger NEW
Roger Payneatmospheric painting of The Prehistoric Hunt signed by the artist
Nadir Quintooriginal watercolour paintings for a children's illustrated edition of Kenneth Grahame's classic story The Wind in the Willows
John Royle
rare pen and inks for Daredevil and GI Joe comic strips (inks by David Roach) NEW
Simoncolourful watercolour of a Christmas Stocking painted for a Christmas greeting card
Geoff Squireoriginal painting of Norman Gnome's Birthday Party for Playhour NEW

June Newsletter

ART: we've added over 160 art works in June and you can see all this art and more in our Slideshows  or follow this link for the latest art news. 
BOOKS:  the latest illustrated books are in stock, including RIP KIRBY THE FIRST MODERN DETECTIVE: Complete Comic Strips 1948-1951, MODESTY BLAISE: DEATH IN SLOW MOTION and KRAZY AND IGNATZ 1916 - 1918 Love in a Kestle plus the  latest bountiful issues of  ILLUSTRATION and CRIKEY! magazines - see here for more cover scans and information.
Over 160 new art works added to the Gallery from 40 artists (7 artists new to the Gallery) 
MATIAS ALONSO original Mr Tomorrow pen and ink full page comic strips 
SEVERINO BARALDI original paintings depicting Gilbert and Sullivan and the young Hannibal
LUIS BERMEJO original full page Song of Roland
ENKI BILAL atmospheric print entitled The Taxi signed by Bilal
JOHN M BURNS fabulous Modesty Blaise original strips signed by Burns
NINO CAROSELLI rare Cowboy Picture Library cover painting 
GRAHAM COTON evocative painting depicting Cromwell's Final Triumph at the Battle of Worcester
NEVILLE DEAR atmospheric original paintings of Charles Dickens, UBoat in First World War and Yugoslavian Partisans
GERRY EMBLETON gouache featuring scenes from the siege of Lucknow during the 'Indian Mutiny'
RON EMBLETON skilfull paintings including Qara Warrior, General Tom Thumb meets Queen Victoria and the saucy Wicked Wanda and Dogs
OLIVER FREY original pages of art for the popular strip SOS International printed in Speed & Power
JOHN GILLATT original pen and ink drawings for Jet Ace Logan as appeared in Tiger comic in the 1960s
WILF HARDY evocative paintings of Women in Space. Ejector Seat, Formula One Racing and Space Shuttle signed by Hardy
STANLEY HAUGHTON original Rob Riley pen and ink drawings for Ranger and Look and Learn magazines 
JIM HOLDAWAY original pen and ink MODESTY BLAISE strips, signed by Holdaway
RICHARD HOOK gently amusing painting entitled CAR TROUBLE set in Edwardian England
VICTOR IBANEZ colourful and skillful original paintings for the AQUAVENGER! and TIME-RIDER comic strips that appeared in Pow! Annual 
PETER JACKSON stirring paintings capturing CAPTAIN BLIGH'S predicament for Look and Learn magazine
JACK KEAY vibrant painting depicting CORTEZ THE CONQUISTADOR
BILL LACEY full-page pen and ink illustrations for the MAZE MASTER comic strip and ARABIC ARCHITECTURE
RONALD LAMPITT natural scenes around A WINDMILL
BARRIE LINKLATER original paintings depicting HOGARTH'S STUDIO and MUSKET VOLLEY (Batte of Bicocca)
MILO MANARA saucy limited edition prints from his ETOILE (THE STAR) series plus others
JAMES MCCONNELL striking watercolour of BOER SURRENDER
PATRICK NICOLLE glorious paintings including depictions of LADY ASTOR (Britain's first female MP), PRISONER OF LACHASSE and THE CAPTAIN'S NEW BRIDE
MIKE NOBLE crisp original full-page paintings for the STAR FLEET comic strip from Look in magazine
ALEXANDER OLIPHANT gripping depiction of CAR 24 DURING THE LE MANS 24 HOUR RACE in 1960
JOSE ORTIZ exciting full-page ELECTRO artwork from the 1971 Pow! Annual
LEOPOLDO ORTIZ vigorous original NORSTAD OF THE DEEP artwork from the Pow! Annual in 1971 
REG PARLETT original full-page pen and ink art for BILLY BUNTER as it appeared in Valiant comic
ROGER PAYNE gorgeous paintings depicting CARMEN, Georges Bizet's Gipsy girl
MIGUEL QUESADA full-page artwork for the MAGNO comic strip
ARTHUR RANSON nostalgic portraits of TV's the 'A' TEAM featuring George Peppard, Mr T, Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict
ENRIC BADIA ROMERO original ESPER COMMANDO full-page comic strips for Pow!
EUSTAQUIO SEGRELLES original PHANTOM comic strips from Pow! 
JOHN S SMITH glorious paintings showing the SHORT SUNDERLAND (largest plane used by the RAF during World War II) and Air UK's Handley Page aircraft signed by the artist
FERDINANDO TACCONI original artwork of STORY OF THE NILE showing the BATTLE OF OMDURMAN and General Kitchener
GERRITT VANDERSYDE charming paintings used to illustrate the Children's magazine ONCE UPON A TIME signed by the artist
PATRICK WRIGHT original art for the classic MODESTY BLAISE newspaper strip written by Peter O'Donnell 
See our latest SLIDESHOWS 
  * FRANK FRAZETTA (R.I.P., 9 February 1928 - 10 May 2010) 
  * BRITISH GAME BIRDS AND WILDFOWL (wonderful hand-coloured lithographs from Beverley R Morris) 
  * MODESTY BLAISE, JANE, THE SEEKERS, DANIELLE, LILLY (original strips by John M Burns) 
  * Wind in the Willows (beautiful watercolours by Philip Mendoza)
  * Francis Marshall (charming book illustrations of Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Napoleon, Chopin, etc.) 
  * John S Smith (evocative sailing and steam ships plus steam locomotive and warship paintings) 
  * British Cover Art 1950s-1990s 
  * Hugo Pratt 
  * Moebius
  * Carl Barks
  * Oliver Frey
  * The Trigan Empire  
Slideshows are available here.
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The Illustration Art Gallery is owned and run by Geoff West who has over 25 years of experience in selling illustration art through Conquistador founded in 1977 as mail order company supplying books and art seldom seen in high street shops. Subsequently we continue to sell books and art worldwide through the Book Palace.

The Illustration Art Gallery was founded to help promote and expand the knowledge and ownership of illustration art.

We first became involved in illustration art over 25 years ago, and during that time have built up a fine appreciation of the genre, which ranges from book and magazine illustrations (including covers), artwork for comics and newspaper strips, posters, animation cels, and computer generated graphics for both films and games.

The art techniques employed are varied, ranging from the traditional oils and watercolours, pastels, acrylics, gouache, pen and inks, crayons, to highly creative and deceptively simple 'hand drawn by robots' computer graphics, as well as the finest pencil drawings and charcoals.

One of the beauties of art is that it knows no boundaries, and can be appreciated by whomever and wherever it is seen, from the famous fantasy art of Frank Frazetta to the Sci-Fi art of Hajime Sorayama, from the chilling to the fairy-tale whimsy of Nadir Quinto and the familiar John Harrold (Rupert Bear), from disturbing science-fiction worlds to the humourous (and satirical) observations of Will Eisner, the saucy Leone Frollo, the exquisite penmanship of Fortunino Matania, and from the legendary Garth newspaper strips to comic book pages from the iconic Dan Dare featured in The Eagle.