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Monday, August 2, 2010

Latest Art: July 2010

Art: Arthur Ranson
200 new art works added to the Gallery from 48 artists (16 artists NEW to the Gallery)

Jim Burns striking limited edition print The Conglomeroid Cocktail Party signed by the artist
Mark Churms a dramatic limited edition print of The Battle of Bannockburn signed by the artist  NEW
Graham Coton original full page watercolours depicting scenes of Murder of Thomas a Becket, General Gordon in Khartoum and Rothmans Aerobatic Team
B. Dartiques delightful limited print entitled El Puerto signed by the artist NEW
Neville Dear original watercolour paintings of The Pyramids, Charles Dickens (and his characters) and H Rider Haggard with The Zulus, some signed by the artist
John Donnelly
A montage of scenes from a thrilling Rip Solar adventure originally published in Speed & Power magazine NEW
David Dorman glorious Numbered Limited edition print featuring Ultraversecharacters
Cecil Doughty original painting of The Boxer Rebellion as published in Look and Learn magazine
Ron Embleton
some evocative paintings featuring scenes from The Wild West, including The Gold Rush and Annie Oakley
Derek Eyles handsome watercolours depicting horses used by man for work and leisure
Dave Franks a range of glorious paintings depicting Contemporary Life , each signed by the artist NEW
Friz Freleng
hand painted edition of Show Stoppers (Tweety and Sylvester) on Acetate, signed and numbered by Freleng! NEW
Gary Gianni striking poster prints of Solomon Kane and Bran Mak Morn
Dave Gibbons rare 1994 advertising poster for the comic series Martha Washington Goes To War
Harry Green dramatic painting of a Camel Race
Jackson Guice Hoisting One For Hal signed limited edition print NEW
Wilf Hardy
depictions of Military Aircraft from both World Wars, signed by the artist
Robert Heindel curious numbered print featuring a Ballerina signed by the artist NEW
Jim Holdaway more Modesty Blaise original strips
Andrew Howat striking depictions from the History of China signed by Howat
Peter Jackson paintings capturing scenes from British history including the Glencoe Massacre, Duke of Monmouth fighting at Sedgemoor and the Escape of King James plus Tutankhamen
Chuck Jones
signed limited edition animation cel Birth of a Notion with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Wile E Coyote and Road Runner
John Keay original illustration of Mississippi Rescue from Huckleberry Finn
Brian Lewis original pen and ink illustration of Magic Shoes from the Wizards Fairy Story
Bernard Long stunningly coloured and detailed painting by this renowned illustrator. Birds of Paradise display their glorious plumage. NEW
Milo Manara
saucy limited edition prints entitled The Lovers signed by Manara
Angus McBride vibrant original illustration entitled Shakespeare being presented to Queen Elizabeth I
James McConnell colourful paintings of Zulu War Dance and The Battle of Ulundi
Philip Mendoza charming paintings of Town Mouse and Country Mouse featuring Katie Mouse and Bertie
Jeff Menges signed Limited Edition print Show Us the Way NEW
R Mentor
signed Limited Edition print The Robot NEW
Jean-Michel Nicollet intriguing signed Limited Edition print Magnez-Vous NEW
Edwin Phillips original gouache of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham
Francis Phillipps gorgeous gouache of Three Parrots perched on a jungle branch
Mark Poole
atmospheric limited edition print Observer featuring a bird of prey near a castle, signed by the artist NEW
Miguelanxo Prado clever lithograph by this Spanish artist The Manuscript featuring a curious seagull on the promenade
George Pratt Numbered edition lithograph Ruins
Arthur Ranson the stunning original art for Batman, Buttonman, Mazeworld and Judge Dredd comic strips plus Elvis, the Beatles and other illustrations
John Rignall lovely Water Birds and Country Birds paintings
Dave Sim striking Cerebus The First Half lithograph
Robert Simmons
evocative Pirate original paintings
John S Smith Flight from the Bremen original pen and ink drawing of a seaplane flying over its launch ship
Joe Stanton signed print of E-Man NEW
Ferdinando Tacconi various paintings depicting Tutankhamun and his tomb and the Exploration of South America
Ivy Lilian Wallace
In addition to her famous Pookie children's stories, Wallace published a children's series called Animal Shelf of which we have some very rare original watercolour illustrations NEW
Peter Woolcock joyous painting depicting Piggles Birthday
Steve Woron
numbered Limited edition Lithographs featuring glamorous ladies! NEW
Unattributed striking limited edition print Comic Land 1948 showing a busy comics stand from 1948 and a detailed painting of the Bleriot X1 used in the book The Wonderful World of Aircraft NEW

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