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Friday, August 20, 2010

Latest Art: August 2010

Henry Green

Over 110 new art works added so far this month from 25 artists (2 artists NEW to the Gallery)

Severino Baraldi striking paintings (many signed by the artist) of famous explorers including Amelia Earhart, Sir Richard Burton, Ferdinand Magellan, Henry Bates plus some famous historical scenes
J H Batchelor
evocative painting entitled Britain's Seaplanes Were World Beaters NEW
Robert Brook an atmospheric pen and ink entitled The Literary Lambs after Charles Lamb and his sister Mary were driven from one lodging to another by local gossip about how Mary Lamb had stabbed her mother to death
Ralph Bruce signed pen and inks entitled A Roman Signal Fire and Carry on Building
Graham Coton exciting watercolours depicting racing cars of the 1950s (some signed by the artist)
Neville Dear original painting showing Gerald Durrell being lowered into a snake pit!
Cecil Doughty original paintings, including The Indian Mutiny, Walter Raleigh engaging Spanish soldiers and Famous Hoaxes, painted for Look and Learn magazine
Gerry Embleton resonant paintings including Gertrude Bell, Britain's Desert Envoy, Attempted Escape of King Louis XVI and Roger Casement landing off the Irish Coast
Ron Embleton

dynamic painting featuring Ski-ers and snow machines
Dan Escott striking watercolours depicting various Coats-of-arms for Cities and Castles
Derek Eyles handsome watercolour depicting Bandits attacking a steam train
Harry Green a sombre painting of The Last Gunfight of Billy the Kid and a colourful illustration of Road versus Rail
Wilf Hardy fine depictions of Aircraft from yesteryear including Fokker, Sopwith, Spad Hispano Suiza, Bleriot, etc), some signed by the artist
Richard Hook illustration of the explorer David Livingstone with natives in Africa
Andrew Howat
striking depictions of Women's Lib and The Fall of Troy, both signed by Howat
Peter Jackson glorious paintings featuring the Alchemist, Duke of Marlborough in front of his own portrait, First Electric Light in the Home and San Francisco Earthquake 1906
Barrie Linklater original pen and ink illustrations of Elizabeth Barrett's Secret Wedding and The Prisoner on Devil's Island (Dreyfus)
Angus McBride dramatic original illustrations including two Shipwrecks, Harriet Beecher Stowe and The Story of Africa
James McConnell poignant painting of Final destruction of Carthage and dramatic illustration of a Bi-Plane flying over Africa
Roger Payne
vibrant gouaches of Dynasties of Destiny: Burgundy and Germany, the Romans in Babylon and Gladiators
G Robinson atmospheric painting of Singapore Harbour NEW
Sep Scott powerful Man in the Iron Mask painting from the Master
Barry Windsor Smith rare Numbered Limited edition print of Conan Red Nails from The Lurker from The Catacombs signed by BWS, also with print of Marvel comics Conan King Size #1 and Rode Spijkers book
John S Smith fascinating illustrations of The Great Steamers and an Aircraft Carrier (US Midway class)
Gerry Wood
vivid paintings featuring military aircraft in action plus Eric the Red's voyage to Greenland
Unattributed various striking original illustrations of Tropical Fish , the Steam Carriage, Arminius's Assassination and Richmond in Yorkshire

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