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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alexander Oliphant

Alexander George Oliphant was a Scottish artist, born on 2 May 1911, who was exhibiting paintings in the 1930s at which time he was living in Grangemouth. Oliphant was living in London (at 30 Bedford Chambers, Piazza, City of London) at least as early as 1945 and moved to 9 Graham Terrace, Westminster around 1948, then 23 St George's Court, Brompton Road, South Kensington, around 1949.

For at least a decade [1952-62], Oliphant had a studio at 4 Cavaye Studios, Cavaye Place, Kensington SW10. Around 1962, he moved to 55 Crompton Court, Brompton Road, South Kensington, SW3, where he was to live until his death in the autumn of 1971, aged 60.

He contributed to Eagle Annual, Daily Mirror Book for Boys, and was the artist who illustrated 'Sea Change', Richard Armstrong's award-winning novel, and the series "Sink the Scharnhorst!", in Ranger in 1965-66. He was subsequently a prolific contributor of Second World War illustrations to the early issues of World of Wonder shortly before his death.

He was married to Thora M. Goldsmith (nee Clee), the former wife of William L. Goldsmith, in Paddington in 1947. Thora, born in Kings Norton, Worcestershire, in 1911, died in London in 1968, aged 56.

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