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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Latest Art: September 2010

Will Eisner
Over 140 new art works added so far this month from 50 artists including 7 artists  NEW to the Gallery)
Enjoy the newly added art in our September slideshow!

Neal AdamsFour exciting colour prints depicting Tarzan in dynamic action scenes
Severino Baraldicolourful painting showing Ancient costumes
Jesus Blascocharming paintings entitled Making Sandwiches and Digging for Victory
Brian Bolland
History of the DC Universe Portfolio NEW
John BoltonHourglass portfolio of 5 stunning B&W prints signed by Bolton
Frank BrangwynLimited edtition The Way Of The Cross portfolio NEW
Robert Brookan atmospheric pen and ink wash entitled Red Bonnet after the adventures of Pierre the young son of a murdered Vicomte, caught up in the turmoil of the French Revolution
Ralph Brucesigned pen and inks featuring Walteof the last Anglo-Saxon Earl commiting treason and pleading before King William
CazaBox set with 8 Plates and large format full colour book with cover signed by Caza.
Richard Corbenexciting Pilgor the Plunderer portfolio of 8 stunning plates
Graham Coton
dramatic paintings depicting a sinking submarine, the Long Ordeal of William Mann and The Mayflower Sails Again
Reginald B Davisgorgeous painting of an African Grey Parrot
Neville Dearatmospheric gouache Livingstone I Presume?, painted for Look and Learn magazine
Will EisnerThe Spirit full colour four page tabloid size adventure for everyone's favourite masked crime hunter
Gerry Embletonfine paintings including British Soldier Before Battle of Saratoga, The Battle of Senlac and Merlin Casts a Spell, plus Hande Hoch!
Ron Embletonresonant paintings including Cardinal Wolsey and Sir Thomas More, Pilgrim Fathers and Courage of the Chavante, plus a study of Coventry Cathedral and Beauty and the Beast serial
Dan Escottstriking watercolours depicting some surprising Cities' Coats-of-arms plus Samurai and The Burghers Of Calais Submit to Edward III
Harry Greena striking portrait of a Carib Indian, the London Blitz and a colourful illustration of Bus and Rail working symbiotically
Wilf Hardy
fine depictions of Korean Dragon Warship and a close-up of Aircraft landing gear in action signed by the artist
Burne Hogarthrare portfolio of 6 B&W King Arthur prints (signed)
Richard Hookdistinct illustrations depicting Edwardians at the Seaside, a Duellist and a Brass Band (signed)
Andrew Howatstriking depictions of the Russian Revolution and The Legend of Beowulf
Peter Jacksonglorious paintings featuring King Henry hunting with falcons and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and St Paul's Cathedral
Hank Jankussigned Portfolio of REM prints NEW
Jack Keaydynamic gouache showing an explorer travelling down a river by raft with an African guide
Jack Kirby
amazing portfolio of World's Famous Comic Books Artists (16 prints by Walt Simonson, Jean-Claude Gal, Bob McLeod, John Buscema, John Severin, Caza, Mike Zeck, Brian Bolland, Yves Chaland, Denis Sire, Howard Chaykin, Gil Kane, Mike Kaluta, ...!)
Bill Laceywonderful Odd Inventions including a windmill-driven car!
Viginio Livraghiuplifting painting of Brer Rabbit's Picnic in the Woods signed by Livraghi NEW
Angus McBridedramatic illustration of the Dardanelles Disaster
Hugh McNeillcharming watercolours featuring Harold Hare's Garden Party
Philip Mendozacharming gouaches featuring Mouseland and Nigel, Stephanie and the King
Frank Miller
magnificent Marvel Team-Up Portfolio Set 2 showcasing assorted Marvel heavy weights in superhero team-up action
MoebiusLimited edition Portfolios featuring City of Fire, Verdere Napoli and Sur L'Étoile Une Croisière Citroën
Rudy NebresCreatures of the Night Portfolio signed by Nebres NEW
Mark A Nelsongripping Aliens Portfolio including rare mini comic by Mark Verheiden and Mark Nelson
Will Nicklessatmospheric scenes of yesteryear Penny Post, Bandit Country and Postal delivery in Elizabethan times NEW
Patrick Nicollesporting originals including Jimmy Wilde vs Pancho Villa (Boxing) and Man Bites Dog (running)
Alex Ninoset of eight The Fantasy Worlds of Alex Nino prints signed by Alex Nino
Alexander Oliphantdramatic depiction of a scene from the opening instalment of the story Sea Change by Richard Armstrong
Jose Ortizbeguiling and amusing The Pied Piper of Hamelin illustration for a children's book
Nadir Quinto
Music Charms the Savage Beast plus other illustrations for a children's magazine
Simoncharming watercolour painted for a Christmas greeting card Christmas Surprise for Rabbit
Stobopainting of Combine Harvesters At Work signed by the artist NEW
Ferdinando Tacconisome paintings with a strong Nautical theme, including Crossing the Equator and Visiting the Ship's Bridge
Veta glorious painted reproduction of Frank Frazetta's classic Egyptian Queen picture!
Gerry Woodvivid paintings featuring Vickers mini-submarine plus German Retreat from Moscow
Wally Woodtwo fine Portfolios of prints EC Weird Science Portfolio and Wallace Wood Illustrator Archives vol. 1
Peter Woolcock
glorious illustrations from Wind in the Willows featuring Toad, Ratty and Mole
Bernie Wrightsonmacabre full colour Portfolio of Berni Wrightson Apparitions prints
Unattributedglorious illustration of Nellie the Elephant!

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