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Friday, January 10, 2014




Each of these post will focus on a particular artist or subject theme that we feel warrants being in the spotlight. We have a lot of great art on the website and so to act as a guide we've developed this feature. If you click on the artist name the links given will take you to the artist's main page where you can view all the original art that we have for sale. Clicking the name under the sample pieces will take you to that particular page on the site. We hope that you'll enjoy exploring our website this way and that you'll find exciting new discoveries as well as old favourites. Without further ado we present:


Arthur Ranson - TV Cult Heros

Great action adventure comic strip art by Arthur Ranson featuring The A-Team. The Face is in trouble when the plane he is a passenger in is struck by lightning. Fun with Mr. T and the boys.
This TWO PAGE SEQUENCE was published in Look-In issue 49, 1987..
Ranson's skill in depicting likenesses is apparent from this fine clear example of his black and white line art.

Ranson finds interesting ways to depict the "action" in Sapphire & Steele which was a rather static series even when shown on TV relying on talking heads. His use of a variety of ciematic angles brings life and variety to this cult classic.
Arthur James Ranson is an English illustrator whose fine line pen work and attention to visual detail has led to the misapplied epithet 'photo-realistic'. Ranson has been appearing in British comics since the early 1970s. Amongst many accomplishments, his works include Anderson: Psi Division, Button Man, Mazeworld and other 2000AD strips.

Ranson also produced a series of comic-strip biographies of well-known music stars and bands, including ABBA (1977), Elvis Presley (1981), The Beatles (1981-2), Haircut 100 (1983) and The Sex Pistols (1983).

Arthur has also contributed to Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and X-Men and TV-based strips such as Sapphire and Steel, Dangermouse, Worzel Gummidge, Michael Bentine's Potty Time and Duckula.

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